My Level 3 Rocket Project


For my Level 3 project, I built the DG&A Level 3 Armageddon.

The first test flight was a success.  I first flew it on a CTI K660.  Later that day, I put an AT M1315 and went for score.  The rocket soared to over 9000 feet for a another successful flight.  Somehow though, one of the forward canard fins sheared off during flight, likely during descent.  This may have been caused by impact from the booster.  Nevertheless it was a success in terms of certification as it could have flown again.  I have since flown the rocket many times.  It has been one of the most reliable rockets in my fleet. 

One of the first modifications I made to the kit was to lengthen the payload bay by 12".  This greatly helped with room for the main chute and added stability.  Prior to this, several pounds of lead needed to be added to the nosecone in order to fly with an "M" motor.

Here are a few thumbnail pictures taken over time.  I've got a video somewhere that I will post later.



Maiden Flight Video


Level 3 Certification Flight